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Fall 2022 Tryout Information

  • Tryouts will begin Monday 8/22 @7:30am

    • Athletes must be registered and cleared on FAMILYID prior to 8/22

    • (FamilyID opens for registration on 7/25)

Monday 8/22:        7:30am – 10:30/11am

Tuesday 8/23:       7:30am – 10:30/11am

Wednesday 8/24: 7:30am – 10:30/11am

Thursday 8/25:     7:30am – 10:30/11am

  • After Wed/Thurs teams will be selected and practice schedules will be determined by the Coach

  • Athletes are encouraged to show up to tryouts prepared and fit.    (Do not rely on tryouts to get in shape)  

Summer Workout Information

(Please see Pre-Season Information Sheet above)

  • Summer Workouts are NOT mandatory but we encourage all athletes to attend. Athletes DO NOT need clearance on FamilyID to attend these workouts.

    • Captain’s Week (Open to Everyone/Optional)

    • Monday 8/15 – Friday 8/19

    • 5:00pm – 7:00pm on Loucks (Turf)

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